Consultancy modules

In the course of globalisation, a company’s potential competitive advantages are the deciding factor in securing and retaining global market share. International procurement plays an important strategic role in attaining these advantages. Our consultancy services serve not only to increase the efficiency of your purchasing division but also the productivity of your employees. This in turn gives you sustainable long-term competitive advantages over your competitors.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Supplier Management
  • Material Group Management
  • Global Sourcing
  • Process optimisation/Purchasing organisation
  • Procurement Control
  • Business Development
Supplier Management
Supplier management, i.e. the coordination and monitoring of quality standards required of both supplier and product, plays a significant role in the purchasing department. As consultants, we draw up concepts designed primarily to secure a reliable supply of materials in the long term and ensure efficient supplier relationships. We analyse your supplier and quality structures, devise appropriate strategies and implement these so that any procurement risks are recognised and eliminated from the outset.
Material Group Management
In material group management, the long-term strategic objectives of a purchasing organisation are defined and implemented. Consolidation of the supplier base and pooling purchasing volumes are some of the strategies which can contribute to the desired success. We look at your product groups, analyse your objectives and define sophisticated strategies which create sustainable synergic effects and protect savings potential in the long term.
Global Sourcing

Future customer expectations, especially rising quality standards together with more favourable purchasing prices, pressure many companies into giving their procurement strategies an international focus. There is a lot of potential as well as a great many risks in global procurement markets, but the anticipated success can be achieved by the welldirected use of global sourcing strategies. Through procurement market research we prepare benchmark analyses, define strategic key markets in consideration of profitability assessments and minimise risks from the beginning.

Process optimisation/Purchasing organisation
When processes are coordinated efficiently and cost-effectively, there is less friction within the company and this in turn leads to an above-average increase in productivity. Our objective is to optimise organisational structures, define strategic and operative functions as well as ensure the productive use of resources within the organisation.
Procurement Control
Procurement control is at the heart of the purchasing division and provides the various areas of a company with reliable information, on the basis of which milestone decisions are made and strategies determined. With the aid of our control system, we compile reliable data, align the company objectives with your business plans and introduce an effective system which can assist you in pursuing cost-saving projects and enable you to increase liquidity with the use of flash reports in the respective product groups.
Business Development
Thanks to our years of experience and connections in international markets, we can offer crosscompany advantages by means of successful competitive synergies and business relations as well as create longterm sustainable investment incentives. We undertake special projects on an international scale, coordinate or monitor these on site and ensure a successful implementation.
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