The Company

TüCon Management is an innovative and creative management consultancy, specialised exclusively in the optimisation of global purchasing and procurement divisions. The impact of the world economic crisis and the growing challenges of globalisation were the reasons behind Cem Türemis’ idea to found TüCon Management, international procurement consultants.

Our consultants and project managers come from a broad range of managerial levels and gained their experience in multinational companies from numerous industries, e.g. automotive, mechanical engineering and renewable energies, where they maintain excellent contacts at international procurement level. We are resultoriented, flexible, mobile and, above all, our focus is on customers at an international level and this is reflected in our work.

Years of experience in various areas of procurement have shown us that a company’s liquidity and productivity can be increased in proportion to the efficient combination of procurement instruments. With our consultancy modules we offer you a costeffective and streamlined consultancy concept, in which we coordinate the individual purchasing and procurement divisions and guarantee the alignment of operational processes.

We recognise your problems, analyse the causes and set targeted strategies to achieve your shortterm company objectives. At the same time, we ascertain the longterm potentials, by concentrating on the synergies and processes in your company. Our commitment to quality for the successful implementation of your projects means that we continue to oversee your projects after completion and adapt them to your company’s future objectives.

Harness our international experience and exploit new procurement channels, business connections and competitive advantages on a global level.

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